Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey Everybody -

Hey Everybody -

This is Lynette - Lori's sister - she wanted me to let y'all know that her internet connection at home is fried right now, her IT guy at work is pretty much a jerk that has male PMS and her hubby - an IT guy that is not a jerk and does not have male PMS is very busy at work and cannot get the problem corrected.

She will be back to her regularly scheduled blogging program soon -

Thanks -


Darcie said...

~smile~ Thank goodness for sisters that leave updates and husbands with out PMS. ;o)

Neabear said...

I ditto Darcie's comment. Hope things get fixed soon.

Shana said...

I third it

Chris said...

Sister, that was so nice of you. Sure hope you get this problem fixed soon.


JyLnC said...

Tell her hello from blogland!


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