Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's Go on a Ramble, Shall We?

Look what I got in the mail and a bit of a ramble!!!

As some of you know my internet is fried at home and my poor husband has not had time to fix it.

Let me give you a bit of background first… My husband is an IT consultant guy (a pretty dog-gone good one) and he is working at the Charter school my daughter attends. He is installing 600 computers and about 4 or 5 servers (can’t remember the exact number of servers). The seniors this year will be taking home laptops provided by the school. The school has this whole technology plan which is pretty awesome and my husband has the privilege of installing from scratch… Big project as in HUGE project!!!! Now my hubby has been working 14-18 hours a day to get everything done before the students return to school on August 20th. Needless to say, when he gets home the last thing he wants to do is fix our internet, and if I tried I would make things worse…. My computer skills are limited to say the least!!!! Therefore, I don’t know when he will have time to fix it. Oh, and he is working this weekend and we are not going to the beach… (Now, that’s just not right) So please keep your fingers crossed he will finish this enormous project on time and it all works!!!! Did I mention he is the only one working on it???

On to my next bit of rambling!!! My IT guy at work is a guy jerk – remember the one my sister said was a male with PMS?!?!!

Some background information for you!!! My wonderful hubby put the system in at my work. After he completed installing the system, he would come in one day a week for a half day to check on problems etc. Everything worked like a charm… Well my hubby got another gig (consultanting job) so he gave this one up. They (my company) hired my current IT guy. Let’s just say he’s not the smartest tool in the shed. Well he’s smart, but has no people skill and acts like a child most of the time. For example: he will shoot rubber bands at you, will lower your chair, and will not fix problems you are having with your computer and doesn’t really care if it is fixed or not… For some reason (now my company has about 100 employees and only 40 or so use a computer) he thinks he needs to monitor everything we do… Why??? He has installed software to block us from going places… One day he will block FB and other days he unblocks them, but everyday he uses FB… Go figure… I’ve had to ask him to unblock some sites that I go to for my job, and he will, but the next day they are blocked again… And to top all of this off our server goes down and he has to reset the server about everyday… (Not sure if he knows what he is doing) Our system is up and down, and it is very annoying! You know when you are in the middle of something the whole system just sits there… And I’m not telling you half the stuff that messes up… Anyway, IT guy had to call my great hubby to help him figure out what is going on here and if he will install a new sever and fix the problems we have… Go Figure!!!! My hubby is great!!!! Hubby will come to my work after the system is working at the school and do some work here.

My IT guy is probably reading this as I’m typing, or has figured out that I have a blog….

Oh, and I’m having my great sister post this for me!

I think it’s Miller time…..

Now on to what I got in the mail…

A few months ago, Simply B had a giveaway, but you had to leave her a poem and promise to post about the giveaway on your blog. You know pay it forward. Well I did and she hand made me something and here it is…. Thanks B I love it…

Too Cute - thanks again B - love it!!

Thanks for being my best blogger buds and let me get this off my chest - I thank you, my hubby thanks you, my marriage - oh you get the message!! Have a great weekend!!


Amber said...

Sounds like your IT guy is a gem.

Is that a little change purse? Whatever it is used for, it is so cute! I love the colors. Purses, bags, wallets...they all make me happy :)

I'll have to look up Simply B!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Sorry you are having computer problems. I hope you can get them fixed soon and then you can join me in my blogiversary!
When your wonderful hubby has finished instaling all those computers and when he has fixed your problem PLEASE can you send him to me? We got a new server at my work and it's been nothing but trouble. They keep sending different people out to look at it and they fix problems and the next day the problems are back again together with new problems! Know what I mean?
Hope you have a lovely weekend despite missing the beach.

B said...

Thanks for letting me know you got it. Glad you like it. Put that baby to good use will you?!

As for the blocking, unblocking bit...what a rump pain! Grrr.

JyLnC said...

A good IT guy is worth his weight in gold...a bad one....there are no words. I hope your internet gets fixed soon!

Darcie said...

Oh my word...some people just don't get it. If I had a guy shoot a rubberband at me, I would come out of my chair and nail him. I have a wierd fear of rubberbands...thanks to my older brothers that use to tease my sister and I with them.

Good luck!

Neabear said...

That guy definitely sounds very immature and unprofessional too. Sounds like he is trying to be in control. Oh, I think you sort of said that. Your hubby sounds like a gem!! What a wonderful job he is doing!! I hope your computer is fixed soon.



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