Friday, August 21, 2009

School's in!!!

Emily started school on Thursday, so you know what that means!!! She can't sleep until 11:30 anymore!!! We are getting into our routine, and it's been a bit diffcult. It's only been two days, but we will get there!

She actually came home Friday with homework. I guess that's what happens when you are in the 7th grade, but homework on Firday!!!!!

Her first day in 7th grade, my baby is growing up toooooo fast!!!!

Of course we had to get the picture of her with the peace sign... I still have no idea why she does that or why all of her friends do that. I guess I will never know...
Remember I told you my hubby was doing all the computers for her school??? Well they all worked great!!!
When do your kids start school????


Chanda said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

My oldest is only 3 so no school yet, but that day will come soon enough. They grow up so fast, don't they?! She'll be in the 7th grade before I know it!

Have a great day!

Melissa Miller said...

Yay! She looks so cute and happy.

Have a great weekend Lori! :)

Shana said...

The pictures look great!!

Happy school

Darcie said...

The peace sign is 15 year old has my 5 year old doing it. Fun pictures.

Our kids have been in school since Aug 12th. Here is to a good school year!

Sneaky Momma said...

Looks like she's all set! I hope she has a great year! :)

Heart2Heart said...


My daughters and all their friends do this in almost every picture. I almost have to take two sometimes, one for them, with the peace signs, and one for me, without them.

Guess you can tell which ones I think look better. Yup, Peace OUT!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Heart2Heart said...


Please stop by my blog and become part of my family. I would love to invite you over for coffee and tea and perhaps sit a spell and get to become great friends.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Emily looks great and all set for school. I wish her an excellent year.

Eva Gallant said...

My kids are sending their kids to school this week! I have a grandson going into 3rd grade, his little sister heads to kindergarten. Then another grandson goes into second grade. A granddaughter goes into her senior year of high school. In total: 7 graduatd from college 2 years ago, and one turned 2 last December.

just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Lori, thanks for your nice comments on my aunt's house. I have been telling her all the wonderful things you guys are saying. I don't know why kids do that peace sign Chase is in 4th grade and he does it too! He just started school on Wed. So far so good, I have to admit, I was ready! Now I can concentrate on blogging and my frames again! Your daughter is so pretty! Talk to you soon, Kristen

chili pepper said...

We home school so I am glad to say we won't be starting school for many more weeks... October... after our vacation.

Please stop by my blog and check out my country fair coming up in September!


Chari said...

Hello Girlfriend...

Ohhh my...your Emily is growing up! Wow...entering the 7th grade is such a milestone!!! She is simply adorable! I wish her the very best with this new school year! My youngest, Danielle, just started school last week...she's in the 9th grade and this is her first year in high school! She was like a flea on a hot rock with excitement! Hehe!

Well my friend, just wanted to come by to say thank you for the sweet note that you left for me on my "Celebration Giveaway" meant so much to me!!! I also just wanted to take this time to thank you for following Happy To Design! Wow...we really do go back a ways...clear back to the days of RMS!!! I count our friendship a blessing, Sweetie!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Love ya,
PS...wishing you the best with my book giveaway!

Yaya said...

How cute!

mbkatc230 said...

Don't know how I missed this post! Emily is adorable. 7th grade - what a milestone. And I have no idea what's up with that peace sign either, I've got stack of pictures of Cait doing the same thing when she was in middle and high school. Do they REALLY think they look gangsta? Just kidding, she's a doll. Kathy

Justine said...

Lori!!!!!! I haven't been here in forever! First, you went months without blogging, then somehow your blog disappeared from my blog roll. Don't know if it was a glitch or I did it myself without knowing. Anyway! Your daughter is gorgeous and I know exactly how you feel. Mikayla started 7th last week too! But, your kid can wear flip flops to school! No fair!!!!!! No open toes here and they even have to have some kind of back on them. Oh, and no sleeveless shirts. WTF?

Justine :o )

Neabear said...

My kids are grown up and my granddaughter is not old enough yet. But one of my nieces started on Aug 11. Her siblings I think started the following week. Around here where I live most schools started Aug 17 or so. Way early! When I was growing up school did not start until after Labor Day.


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