Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm finally home from VEGAS!

I'm going to show you a few photos of my trip to Vegas!  They are really just my room! I was very busy.  This was a business trip, so I did not have time for fun!

I woke up last Tuesday morning at 4am.  My flight left at 7am and arrived at 10:20am Vegas time.  Now North Carolina is Eastern Standard time, so my body was thinking it's 1pm.  When I arrived at my hotel I had time for a shower and off to work I went.  I worked 1-5pm.  When I finished working, I had to run back to the hotel change clothes and go to dinner with one of our suppliers!  Needless to say, I was up for 22 hours that day.  I was really tired the entire trip!  I didn't go to be before 11:30 or 12 each night!

This room was huge!  I stayed at Bally's and it was pretty nice.  I had two Queen size beds, but I only needed one!
  I would sleep in one bed one night and the other one the next night! Just to change things up! Call me crazy!

Another view!

The bathroom had granite counter tops and the shower was tiled!  I liked it!

Here's a view from my window!

Another view!  That's Paris Hotel!

I think this is a better shot of Paris Hotel!

Tuesday night this is what I had for dinner!  It was super!  My supplier paid for dinner!  We had 17 people at this dinner!  I'm glad I didn't have to pay!

This is what I had another night! Didn't pay for this either!  This was steak and crabmeat on top!  Let's just say that was great!



Natasha said...

I bet you are so happy to be back with your family and sleeping in your own bed, with your own pillows... There's no place like home like Dorothy said!
Best wishes, Natasha.
PS Thanks for my birthday wishes!

One Cluttered Brain said...

NICE hotel! What do you do? I want your employer for sure now! :) Glad you are home!

Darcie said...

Awesome looking room! Laughing at the thought of you changing beds...too funny.

As much fun as it is to go away...its just as much fun to come home again...especially when your family is waiting there for you.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
WOW your hotel room was amazing. I always enjoy looking in hotel rooms. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The views you had were great. Hope you can catch up wit hsome sleep now you are home.
Thanks for the get well wishes.

Neabear said...

That is a large room. I had to laugh at you changing which bed you slept in. Ha! Daughter was with us on our recent trip so we didn't do any changing around. We had one bed and daughter had the other. We had fun though. I wish I was still in Florida with my kids as I miss them already. But tomorrow B-daddy and I are off on a weekend trip to a conference. Should be interesting.


Annie said...

Oh wow I am so jealous! I went to vegas as a kid but I really want to go back now that I am old enough to have some real fun! LOL

mbkatc230 said...

Lori, that room is huge! Sounds like you were plotting your bathroom remodel while you were there tee hee. You must have been exhausted when you got home, the time change can really be a bear to deal with. Glad to have you back! Kathy


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