Monday, February 22, 2010

Dry erase board/calendar!

For some reason this year, I have been very slack with buying a 2010 calendar.  Don't ask me why I just have.  I saw this over at Mad in Crafts, and thought to myself what an easy way to make a calendar.  So here's my verison.

What you will need:
8.5 x 11 picture frame
Calendar -  I printed mine from Excel
Spray paint
Scrapbook paper
Hole puncher
2 hooks for the calendar
Staple Gun

Here's the picture frame I started with.
Yep, it's very dirty, but as I've said many times I have to keep it real!!!
If your frame is dirty make sure you clean it off before you spray paint.

I took the picture and glass out of the frame before I started spray painting.

I used about 2 coats of glossy black spray paint.

Sorry, for the ugly grass!  I'm still waiting for it to warm up, so I can work in my yard.

I found some scrapbook paper that I wanted to use.  I taped the scrapbook paper to the picture.  I didn't want to glue the paper on the picture.  Just in case I want to change the scrapbook paper.

I put the glass back in the frame added the picture/scrapbook paper, and closed the back.
I then put the hooks at the bottom to hold the calendar.  I used a drill so the hooks would go in easier.
I screwed the hooks to the bottom of the frame, and then very carefully I punched holes through the calendar.  I used my staple gun and added ribbon to the back, so I could hang it up.


I have a dry erase board/calendar!

I had the frame, spray paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and printed the calendar not at work.  Total price zero  dollars!

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Darcie said...

That is the coolest. I can't believe the things some people think of. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway.

Jeannine said...

What a great way to recycle a frame. thanks for sharing

Lynette said...

Really cute - love that scrapping paper - looks very pretty!

Scrappy Gifts said...

love it! You should link this up at my Scrappy Saturdays link party -

Twice as Nice said...

I sent our email did ya get it? The Twins

Kaysi said...

Wow! I have a frame and I'm so doing this, thanks!

Melissa Miller said...

Lori it came out so pretty!
Great job on it.

Lynettes tassels are just beyond adorable! I really admire both of you and your creativity.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

mbkatc230 said...

This is such a great idea! I love all the creative things I find on your site and in blogland. Now if I could just find the time to do some of them! I'm so happy that your blog is really taking off! Get Your Craft on is such a fun event, unfortunately I am horribly craft impaired, so I will just admire everyone elses talent! Kathy

The Persimmon Perch said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Really cool!

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog I have ever read thank you!


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