Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog swap with Cheri ~It's So Very Cheri~ and a GIVE-A-WAY!

Hello ladies and any gents out there. It is a pleasure to be here today. Lori and I planned this weeks ago and then I ended up moving my blog to its own site and I was knee deep in the move and she was sweet enough to reschedule. I think she was secretly afraid I might do a playdough craft and that wouldn't be too impressive.
So you already know I moved my blog -- you can find me at itssoverycheri, all week long. If you used to follow me, you need to RE-SIGN UP. Google won't let you take your followers with you. What are they going to do with MY FOLLOWERS--seriously, I don't know, but you are no longer getting my updates until you follow me at the new place.. If you have never been to my blog I would love to have you come over and join in on all the fun. Here is my busy weekly blog schedule:
On top of all of that, I am a Mom and wife to a hubby who has gone back to school. I home school our 2 oldest boys, next year my little guy, who just turned 5 will start home schooling and then I will just be chasing the Princess around. And I have recently been asked to write on a blog as a monthly guest, once a month.
Last week my sweet sister and family were here for Spring Break. My kids sure enjoyed their cousins.
Miss G4 was in GIRL heaven with the extra girls in the house.
We currently reside in Florida. I am so sorry for all the snow many of you have dealt with all winter long. We used to be from the Mid-West but for now we enjoy this.
I am a DIY gal and always have been. When I was little I would make crafts and put them in my wagon and go around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, selling my crafts. That was the beginning of my sales training--before I had kiddos I was a sales trainer for a company.
So I know you have heard enough about me and are wanting to see a project right?
Well I have a really cute, fun one for you.
It all started when I created my Pottery Barn Lamp Knock Off
They had this lamp but it was a little pricey
Isn’t it so cute?
I was in Goodwill one day and saw a lamp and immediately thought about the Pottery Barn lamp.
This is how my lamp turned out --at first
Pretty close and pretty cute, if I say so myself.
I decided it needed a little more tissue paper and I wanted it to be a little different color so I worked on it some more.
The lampshade that came with it was a little too short but rather than go out and buy a new one I knew I could work with the short one, recover it and make it a little longer.
I started out with some of my canvas material. I am working on a couple of other projects with this. I bought a huge sheet of it for I think $30. I am working on slip covers for 4 chairs, my lampshade project today and I am doing a painted rug--all for $30 and this project took a minimal amount of the material. I would guess it cost a couple of dollars in material.
I had also picked up some of this darker material. I love the color. It looks like linen but is the color of burlap and you don't have all of that nasty burlap everywhere. OK I said it, I don't like the feel of burlap, it looks darling but seriously in a couple of years we are going to look back and laugh at ourselves for decorating with burlap.
The LOVELY too small lamp shade.
You begin rolling the lampshade around the material. Don't mark it till you know you have enough room to cover the entire thing. Then slowly roll it. Hold onto the lampshade with one hand--the one you don't write with and with the other hand mark both the top of the lamp and the bottom, as you roll it.
When you are all done you will have a arch type shape. Normally I would iron the piece before hand but this piece of fabric is huge so it was pressed afterwards.
I took my cut piece outside and sprayed it really good with my adhesive spray.
I THOUGHT I had rolled the lampshade all the way around but when I started applying it --with the adhesive already on it. I got around to the front and my material was a little short. This is where the plan changed for my lampshade.
I cut a couple of extra pieces and added them in, then sewed on some buttons.
I measured around the bottom of the lampshade and then multiplied that number by 4 and ripped strips of material 3 inches wide. I sewed them all together and then ran a thread up the middle and gathered it all up.
I attached it around the bottom. then ripped a little more material and made a double bow.
Trim out the top with seam binding.

I just love it and hope you have enjoyed the Tutorial and my project.
thanks so much Lori.

Thanks Cheri for stopping over and showing us all how to make the beautiful lamp!

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Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Super cute Cheri! 2 of my favorite ladies blog swappin, can't get any better than that!

Darcie said...

What a fun blog swap! Great to meet you Cheri...and what a great looking lamp to boot!

kate said...

nice photos, great decoration, really, very amazing, love them all


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