Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog swap with RED HEADS CRAFT MORE FUN.......

My specail guest today is Red Heads Craft More Fun....  Courtney is soooooooooo Talented...  I love all of her crafts and I just love reading her blog...  So when you finish reading the wonderful tutorial come on over to Red Heads Craft More Fun and visit me!!!!

Now here's Courtney:

Hi there! I am SO excited to be here on Life as Lori. Lori is so creative and when she asked me if I wanted to do a blog swap, I must admit, I was nervited (a mixture of nervous and excited). Anyhow, I am Courtney and on any given day you can find me at Red Heads Craft More Fun. Spring is almost here on its way and that makes me excited. I find at this time during the year, I crave color. I was wandering through the grocery store the other day and I happened upon this cute green sign. Now, I am a fan of glitter, but I wanted it to look a bit more "springy" with some other colors too, so I decided to alter it!

I started out by lightly sanding some of the glitter off of the original sign. Did I mention I think I have seen these in the unfinished wood/craft section of the Dollar Store? At least they were similar and it would save you a step. Also, I wanted my sign the green color, but you could paint it whatever color you would like before moving on.

I then traced the letters onto scrapbook paper.

I cut out each letter.

Here are my letters all cut out.

I used Mod Podge to glue my letters on to the sign. It was a bit tricky with the glitter behind the paper, but all I had to do was hold the paper on it a bit longer. It all worked out in the end.

I used chipboard, more scrapbook paper and my Cricut to cut out the phrase "has sprung."

I also Mod Podged the scrapbook paper to the chipboard after I had cut it all out. If you don't have a Cricut, I have seen adorable chipboard letters in the scrapbook section of many stores.

I glued my chipboard letters on to the front of the sign for added dimension.

I also added some little pearl stickers in a few different places.

What do you think? I would love to have you stop by Red Heads Craft More Fun! Thanks Lori for inviting me to your wonderful blog. Happy Spring, Everyone!

Now let's show Courtney some comment love....  She's awesome!

Hey guys,
You really need to come on over to Red Heads Craft More Fun!!!  You should see all the great crafts over here....

If you haven't joined my party you still have time just scroll down and enter your link!!


Darcie said...

That is so cool...thanks for showcasing her Lori! Spring is certainly getting ready to spring here. ;-) Have a great weekend.

Lynette said...

Oh, I love it - way to cute and very spring-ish!

Love that little extra punch you added - don't you just love a cricut?

Great guest blogger Lori!

Tardevil said...

Too cute! Love the scrapbook paper she used too!

RedHead said...

Looking good, Lori! Thanks again for the great idea to swap- that was FUN! We should do it again in the future :o)


Jaime said...

So cute, great change.

Jingle said...

That is really cute!

Ms Bibi said...

That is so need. It would be nice to my different signs all over the house.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Courtney
I love your Spring sign. It looks great and the colors are so lovely and springlike.
Best Wishes

Michelle said...

WOW. YOu are seriously talented. that amazes me.

Meet Virginia said...

Lori! Thanks so much for visiting Meet Virginia I am so happy you did because I just LOVE your blog! Your craft turned out so stinking cute, good work!!


Cindy said...

This is so cute. Too bad I was just at the Dollar tree earlier today. Shucks. Guess I need to make another shopping trip.


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