Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guest Post from Jessica at Me and My Bucket!

Today we have Jessica from Me and Bucket!  She's another talented lady!  Thanks for stopping over Jessica!

Hi Grills!!! First off I want to thank Miss Lori for allowing me to Guest Post while she is spending the week at her beach house, can we say jealous??? Anyway ... I'm SUPER excited to be here and this is my FIRST time so I'm kinda nervous.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself ... My name is Jessica and I'm a stay at home mom and I LOVE it!! We have a little boy who just turned 1 last week and his name is Richmond, but his nickname is BUCKET and MOST people call him by that ... its funny. Now you know where the title of my blog, Me and My Bucket, comes from :) The hubs name is Phil and he is in the ARMY, he leaves on the 10th for 12 weeks and we are going to miss him dearly, but LUCKILY I have my crafting, my Bucket, and my family to keep me busy. I love crafting, creating and inspiring and I'm so glad to have a network of other gals that love to do the same!! I always try to come up with original ideas for projects, but I also use some of the FAB ideas I see out there in the Blog-o-sphere. You ladies are so inspiring, thanks!!! So, without further ado, here is my project for today!!

I took these plain and boring lamps and JAZZED 'em up by embellishing the boring off-white shade!! I got both of the table lamps and a floor lamp for $14.99 at TARGET, pretty sweet right? I've been using them for a month or so and I just couldn't get over how stinkin' boring the shades were. Then just the other day the idea popped into my head to paint them a bit. Ok, its super easy, here we go!!

First, I had to decide which words I wanted to use, and which language as well. I figured that since they were for the bedroom I needed to use a romantic language, so I went with French and the words "tranquility" and "serenity". I downloaded a font by Jellyka Nervan called Gare de Chambord from Dafont ... if you've never been there for fonts, go there after you read this :)

Since my shades are tapered and not drum, I cut the words up into smaller sections so I could arrange them in a straight line. I first tried without cutting them and due to the curve of the shade the word looked kinda arched, like a rainbow :) I taped them to the inside of the shade using scotch tape.

Turn the lamp on and trace your letters onto the shade with a FINE tipped paintbrush and whichever color paint you would like. I went with black for these. I didn't want the lines to look perfect, I kinda was going for an oldish look, so you don't have to worry too much about a super steady hand.

Once you've got the word painted on, take the paper off and let it dry. Once the paint is dry you will be able to see if you need to add another coat of paint. The more coats you add, the darker and opaque the letters will be. *** I have NO clue how to type the letters in WORD with the accents and things over them, so I just free handed them on, I know this picture doesn't show it, but I didn't want you to think I forgot about it ***

My original plan was to do a tea-stain treatment to the shades to darken them up a bit, but turns out I REALLY liked the look of the black against the off white shade. But, I still wanted to jazz it up a bit so I wrapped the top and bottom in jute twine. There was already a binding along both the top and the bottom, so I used that as a guide. I went through a lot of mini glue sticks and sustained a few minor burns, but I LOVE the way they turned out!!

This is the lamp on the Hubs' nightstand. His says "tranquility".

And, another shot of mine :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out, so much better than I originally envisioned, and what a way to doll up some plain boring lampshades!!

I hope you all like these as much as I do!! Please, stop by my neck of the woods and say hi and check out the fun!! Thanks again Lori for letting me come over and post for you today!!

Wow Jessica, this turned out great!  Now let's show Jessica some blogging love and leave a bunch of comments!


Jingle said...

This is so cute!

Lynette said...

So very cute! I am loving the scripted lamp shades and really want to try one for me - they looked so hard to do at first and with all the tutorials I could totally do this.

Isn't dafont the best? I joke that I collect fonts like some women collect shoes - although - truthfully - I have alot of shoes!
Thanks for sharing with us!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Great redo! Love it! I enjoyed all your guest posts this week!


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