Monday, May 31, 2010

I am no cake boss!

Emily turned 13 on May 19th, so I decided to make her a cake using Fondant.  O.K. I've never used fondant before, and I saw the cutest cake by Neisa Marie at DIY Celebrations!  I thought I would attempt to make a cake similar to hers.  Let me just tell you I'm no cake boss.....  I don't even cook at my house, so when I announced that I would be attempting to make a cake with fondant my family just laughed...  Now let's take a look at what I did shall we?

I bought the fondant and butter cream icing mix at Wal-Mart.  Michael's is an hour away, so it had to be Wal-Mart.  Emily's party was the next day.  There's nothing like waiting to the last minute... 

First mistake, I covered my island with powered sugar, and should have used pam.  Lesson learned....

I tried to wipe off all the sugar from the orange fondant, but it was hard to get it all off.
Emily and I should have rolled the fondant a little bit thinner! 

 Emily being silly, but hey it's her cake! 

 We put the fondant on the cake, which was super easy! 
Emily still not sure about the white on the fondant, and she fired me!!!!

 We then added the dots!  Another mistake was putting too much butter cream icing on the dots! 

 I was going to put a cute brown ribbon on top of the cake, but Emily wanted to write Happy Birthday, and like I said it was her birthday! 

 Emily couldn't fit Happy Birthday on the cake, so she wrote Happy B-Day!  I fired her after that!!!! 

I did manage to a ribbon around the bottom to cover up the mess. 

It turned out O.K. considering this was mine and Emily's first try with fondant.  We did learn some valuable lessons during this process.   We both decided that we are not the cake boss, and we have been totally fired. We did have great time laughing and making fun of our cake!!!!


Al said...

At least you had fun trying:)

Jill said...

I just made my first fondant cake too! I was a little more adventurous and MADE fondant. Probably should have bought it for the first one! LOL I'd love if you took a look:

I love the colors on your cake!!


Shana said...

It looks great!!

raggygirlvintage said...

That will be a forever memory for the both of you!!

Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had fun making it!!

sportzmom said...

It must have been a first fondant cake weekend. We tried it for the first time as well. Yikes, it was hard!


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