Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get Your Craft on Thurs. #7

It's time for another Get Your Craft on Thurs., but 1st I need to ask you a question.  Do you love to enter giveaways, and wish you had somewhere you could go to see all the giveaways, or link your giveaway?  Well, look what I found for Ya!

You can go to Lynette's L.A.M. Blog or click on her button and go directly to all Giveaways
Lynette's Giveaway Links

Lynette's L.A.M. Blog also has a tab on her blog that will get you there as well.


You can go to the The Girl Creative to this direct link and find all the giveaway's, Here's the direct link
The Girl Creative also has a tab on her blog that will get you there as well.

Just thought I'd share!!!!!!

Now on with the party!

RULES are very simple: Link to a specific blog post and not just your blog and don't forget to visit other participants and leave a comment. Please make sure you grab my cute button below (the code is on the right of my side bar), so everyone will know where to link to. This week let's comment to the person who has linked ahead of you! If you are the first to link comment to me, if you are the 2nd person comment to the person above of you which would be 1, and so on. Let's show the love. We all love comments!

Get your craft on Thurs.

Here's Mr. McKlinky.....


Lynette said...

Thanks for doing such a good job hosting these parties every week and for the shout out about the linky giveaway on my blog - sisto!

Patricia said...

thank you for hosting!
i love this party!!

Maggie said...

Thanks for hosting Lori, can't wait to see all the projects this week!

Darcie said...

Thanks for sharing Lori!

Adrianna said...

I wish it was nice enough here to do yardwork!! I can;t wait to get this yard cleared out and some pretty flowers potted :o)


too Blessed to Stress said...

Hello dear Lori!

Thanks so much for linkning up and participating in my giveaway. So glad you linked a couple posts to the linky party :)

Also, I can TOTALLY relate to your soreness from the game. That was a GREAT story!!!! loved it. And hooray for you for the four baskets! You totally should get a prize for that.. I do believe that the awesome mommy gift is diamonds :)

Hope you'll be back for giveaway tomorrow :)

have a great day!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Holly said...

Glad to be hear for the to your blog and a new follower!
504 Main

Maridith said...

Wow, a few weeks ago you were at 100 followers now you are at 209! Great job!! You have a great thing going for you. So happy to participate each week. I try to keep my posts original

BTW- did you get my email?

Are you off to the beach again this weekend? It is going to be a nice weekend!

Bird said...


There's an award with your name on it over at mine! :)



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